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What is artisan soap

What is Artisan Soap and How Is It Different?

An artisan is someone who uses traditional methods to handcraft a product in limited quantities. Artisans are regarded as skilled craftspeople who have honed their specialty to a high degree of quality. Dating back to ancient Egyptians, soap makers have experimented with combinations of natural oils and alkaline salts to produce soap substances. Handcrafted soap has been valued for thousands of years in civilizations around the world. Today, the most coveted soap is produced by soap making artisans.

What is Artisan Soap?

artisan soap

Today, artisan soap makers, like The Succulent Soapery, carefully curate ingredients for soap blends that are safe for the environment, gentle on skin, and beautiful to display. Each artisan soap maker develops their own recipes and blends that become their signature. Some will use fair trade butters or all-natural oils and some will have unique fragrance blends. Each artisan soap maker is unique in their craft and no two soap makers will handcraft their soaps the same.

For example, The Succulent Soapery developed recipes that are:

  • Vegan
  • Sulfate free
  • Paraben free
  • Plastic free
  • Made with sustainable palm oil

The intricate soap bars are topped with skin safe biodegradable glitter. It is important that the soap is not only great for skin, but also safe for the environment. 

How is Artisan Soap Different From "Normal" Soap?

Think about your relationship with art. Some people run into a local Home Goods store and quickly purchased a few wall hangings that will match their decor. Others select art created by their favorite artist. And there are some people who visit art shows to experience art and then carefully select and purchase a piece that speaks to them and conjures an emotional connection. Artisan soaps are the equivalent of the art displayed in a gallery. Whereas traditional soap is designed to clean, artisan soap stimulates multiple senses.

Artisan Soap Is High Quality

The soap that is purchased in a local grocery store is mass produced with ingredients that are easy to obtain and are economical. Artisan soap makers carefully curate ingredients for their products and are mindful of quality and sustainability, with no concern for the expense. Only the finest ingredients are added to artisan soap recipes- and it shows. 

Artisan Soap is Art

Hand crafted soap is designed to be aesthetically beautiful. The array of colors and the mastery of design creates a piece of art that is functional and lovely. Artisan soap evokes emotion and compliments the decor of a space. 

Artisan Soap is an Olfactory Experience

Not only are the cleansing ingredients carefully blended, but the fragrances are proprietary. Natural oils are combined to create unique fragrance recipes specific to the artisan. The visual and olfactory features work together to create a unified experience.

Artisan soap touches on four senses providing an experience that is holistically pleasing and luxurious.

Whether you decide to purchase floral soap bars, bars that look and smell like dessert and confections, or artisan soap that is refreshing as well as exfoliating, every part of the experience should be exceptional. The packaging and unboxing will excite, the intricate designs and vibrant color will delight, and the pleasing scent will soothe. The soap will bubble and cleanse and wrap your skin with gentle moisture. Once you experience artisan soap, you will truly understand the difference.

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