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what are shower steamers

What Are Shower Steamers And Why Do You Need Them In Your Life?

With so many self-care products available today, it is easy to transform your bathroom into a complete spa experience. But, what happens if you don't have a spacious bathroom or a soaker tub? No problem. You can create a relaxing, stress-relieving experience in any full bathroom with shower steamers.

What Are Shower Steamers? 

Everyone has heard of bath bombs, but shower steamers don't receive the notoriety they deserve. For centuries, essential oils have been used as part of relaxing experiences in steam rooms and saunas. Shower steamers allow you to benefit from a similar experience in the comfort of your own home. A bath bomb for your shower, shower steamers contain essential oils that release a fantastic scent when activated. To use, simply place it in your shower away from a direct stream of water. When the water hits the shower steamer, it fizzles and releases the essential oils. The steam from your hot shower disperses the oils and enhances the relaxing effects. Take a purposeful moment to take a deep breath and breathe in the relaxing fragrances.

While bath bombs are placed in water, shower steamers have a concentrated formula designed to work with shower steam. Because they will not directly touch your skin the way that bath bombs do, the concentration of essential oils is greater. 

One of our customers places the steamer on a soap dish and let's it work its magic during her shower.  Besides smelling amazing, they are lovely to look at. 

What Are The Benefits of Shower Steamers?

Most people have a shower routine that they don't think about too much. Whether you take long showers or quick showers, consider adding shower steamers to your routine to bring you the following added benefits:

  • Use your shower to de-stress.
  • They can help relieve nasal congestions.
  • Carefully select the aroma for your desired result.
  • They are mess-free.

One simple shower steamer can turn your boring shower into something you look forward to in the morning or at the end of a long day. While shower steamers come in a large variety of scents, these are our favorites:

If you are ready to take your shower routine to the next level, there is no need to install a fancy sauna or steamer. Shower steamers are a simple way to enjoy aromatherapy in your shower every day. 

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