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soap makes a great gift

5 Reasons Why Soap Makes a Great Gift

Finding the perfect gift can be a challenge. You want to select something personal, but not too personal. The gift should be useful, but also coveted. Unless the recipient is your closest friend, you may not have any idea what to gift. At The Succulent Soapery, many of the artisan soaps we sell are purchased as a special gift. Here's why:

1. Soaps Are the Ultimate Self-Care

When you gift artisan soap, you are letting the recipient know that they deserve to pamper themselves. We all use soap everyday, but we don't all use luxury soaps shaped like a milkshake or scented with sweet almond oil and topped with biodegradable glitter. If your loved one is someone who takes care of others and rarely treats themselves, artisan soap is the perfect gift. Pair it with a wooden soap dish or a soap pouch and place in a colorful gift bag.

2. Artisan Soaps Are a Conversation Piece

Are you looking for a stand-out gift for a bridal shower or birthday? Giving the gift of artisan soaps will have the whole room talking about how unique and special your gift is. Not many people wash up with soap that looks like hot apple pie. Most people have never seen soap that looks and smells like bakery buns fresh from the oven. And who wouldn't want to use soap that looks like a magical succulent garden and smells like sweet citrus and cedar? If you are looking for a gift that will make an impact, artisan soaps are a great choice.

3. Soaps Are Useful

We all have objects hanging around our homes that we don't need. They were given to us as gifts and, although thoughtful, they are simply taking up space. Don't be that person that gives a gift that will collect dust. Gifting artisan soap is giving a piece of art that is also useful. When your loved one opens their soap, they will first admire the craftsmanship and beauty. Next, they will appreciate the fresh scent. Then, they can use the soap and enjoy the way it nourishes their skin. Gifts that are gorgeous and functional are always the favorites.

4. Artisan Soaps Are a Neutral Gift

Neutral gifts can be boring gifts. When we don't know someone well enough to know what they like or want, we fall back on neutral gifts. Some popular neutral gifts are candles, glassware, or a plant. We need to bring a gift but have no idea what to buy. Stock up on various artisan soaps and always have the perfect gift on hand as a hostess gift, gift for a neighbor, or an occasional gift for a friend. Soaps do not expire and are easy to store, making them a great last minute gift for practically anyone.

5. Soaps Are Fun!

Gifts that are fun are the best! Artisan soaps are perfect for any age or gender and are guaranteed to make everyone smile. Your six year old niece will adore her Sugar Rush soaps and your older aunt will relish in the delicate scent of Bliss soap. Add a few bath time accessories and a fun gift bag and your gifts will be remembered for years. 


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